1976 B.A. Sculpture, University of Illinois, Chicago

One Person Exhibitions

2010 If Not Now, When? Art on Armitage, Chicago
2009 Golden Splinters, Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago
2007 New Year Same Politics, Flatfile Gallery, Chicago
2005 Wednesday’s Child, Flatfile Gallery, Chicago
2004 Advise & and Dissent, Flatfile Gallery, Chicago
1998 Deven Golden Fine Art, NYC. New York
1997 Gallery A, Chicago
1995 Gallery A , Chicago
1993 Gallery A, Chicago
Reicher Gallery, Barat College, Lake Forest, IL
Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago
1991 Judith Racht Gallery, Harbert MI

Selected Exhibitions

2011 Regard Resist React, Governors State University
2010 Stockholm Supermarket 2010, Stockholm Sweden
2009 Money, Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago
2007 Mapping the Self, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Consuming War, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago
Peace Tower, Chicago Cultural Center
2005 Solutions Show, ARC Gallery, Chicago
Shadow of the Surreal, Flatfile Gallery, Chicago
2004 Changings, Carrie Secrist Gallery
2003 Politics as Usual, Aron Packer Gallery, ChicagoSolution Show, Gallery on Lake, Chicago
2002 Plotting, Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago
States of the Union, Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Politically Incorrect, Flat File Gallery, Chicago
Switch 4 Artists, Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago
2001 Sculptural Drawings, Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago
2000 Gallery Artists, Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago
1999 Gallery Artists, Gallery A, Chicago
1998 Abstract: Chicago 3, Klein Art Works, Chicago
Gallery Artists, Deven Golden Fine Art, NYC. New York
1997 Book Mark, Northern Illinois University, Illinois
1997 Table of Contents, The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago
1996 Thing, Deven Golden Fine Art, NYC. New York
1996 Shape, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1995 Question vs. Resolution, Judith Racht Gallery, Harbert, MI
1993 Abstract: Chicago, Klein Art Works, Chicago, Gallery A, Chicago
Essentials, Charles Cowles Gallery, New York, NY
1992 Judith Racht Gallery, Harbert MI
1991 Rockford and Vicinity, Gallery Ten, Rockford, Il.
1989 Armor, Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago
Flesh-Atlas, MoMing Gallery, Chicago
1987 Dismemberment, Artemisia Gallery, Chicago
1986 Unseen, A.R.C. Gallery, Chicago
1985 Then and Now, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago
1984 Castles, Marianne Deson Gallery, Chicago
1983 The University of Maryland Art Center, College Park, Maryland
1982 Static Motion, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago
Salon Show, Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago
1980 Art Perspectives, Navy Pier, Chicago
1979 Vehicle Show, North Shore Art League, Evanston
1978 4/4, Artemisia Gallery , Chicago

Selected Articles and Reviews

2009 June 7, Chicago Life, NYT supplement , Road Work, by Sigalit Zetouni
2007 February 3, Chicago Tribune, by Alan Artner
February 2, Chicago Reader, Polical Rebirth, by Fred Camper
2005 June 17, Chicago Suntimes, Solutions Show, Margaret Hawkins
2004 May 28, Chicago Tribune, Alan Artner
2004 May 6, New City, Agit-Art, Michael Weinstein
2003 March 4, Chicago Tonight, Solution Show, Ray Suarez and Ed Pashke
2002 September 10, Seattle Post Intelligencer, Regina Hackett
August 16, New City, Politically Incorrect by Michael Weinstein
1998 May, Art Forum, Fredrick Holland at Deven Golden, by Donald Kuspet
1996 October 15, Review, Thing, J. Bower Bell
1993 October, New Art Examiner, Fredrick Holland, by Kristen Brooke Schleifer
July 16, Chicago Tribune, Cultural Center Goes 5 for 5 this Summer by Alan G. Artner
July 9, Chicago Tribune, Safety Measures, by David McCracken
July 7, New City, Cultural Center, by Ellen Rosenberg
1989 September, New Art Examiner, Armor by Deven Golde
June 15, New City, Armor by Alan Artner
Summer, New Art Examiner, Flesh-Atlas by Joyce Hansen
1986 Summer, New Art Examiner, The Iconography of Loss by Sue Taylor
1984 May, New Art Examiner, Castles by Mark Leonhart
1982 May, New Art Examiner, Young Chicagoans by Alice Thorson
July, New Art Examiner, Static Motion by Karen Thorenstein
June 11, Chicago Sun Times, Static Motion by Harold Hayden
1980 June 18, Chicago Tribune, Art Perspectives by Alan Artner
1979 January, New Art Examiner, 4/4 by Devonna Pieszak

Awards and Honors

1993 City of Chicago Arts Assistance Program, CAPP Grant,
Chicago Council of Fine Arts
1992 Illinois Arts Council Grant
1982 Illinois Arts Council Grant

Teaching Experience

2002 Promoted to Assistant Adjunct Professor
1995 Part time faculty First Year Program and Sculpture Department, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


2001 Vecta Showroom, Merchandise Mart, Chicago
Commissioned by Lee Stout Inc., 348 West 36th, New York, New York
1999 Chicago Artist Coalition, Lifetime Achievement award for Lois Weisberg